Page 11, 19th March 2004

19th March 2004
Page 11
Page 11, 19th March 2004

Assault On The Senses

Religion requires a degree of reflection that film cannot provide, says Ivo Mosley The Filmgoer’s Guide to God by Tim Cawkwell. Darton, Longman & Todd, £10.95 A nyone who......

Watch Out For Blood

I t’s a bold novelist who begins with a class on creative writing. Rowland Mahler is instructing five teenagers how to set a scene. It is too soon in their development, he tells......

Spare Us The Blarney, Gerry

These days, Sinn Fein’s leader likes to portray himself as a cuddly, joke-telling Irishman. Don’t be taken in, says Patrick West Hope and History: Making Peace in Ireland by......