Page 5, 19th March 2004

19th March 2004
Page 5
Page 5, 19th March 2004

Meet The Most Powerful Woman In The Church

BY CHRISTINA FARRELL T HE V ATICAN has appointed an American woman law professor to a key advisory post, breaking the almost exclusive male dominance of the Roman curia. Mary......

Fury As China Arrests Loyal Catholic Bishop

BY STAFF REPORTER T HE V ATICAN has reacted angrily to the arrest of a Chinese bishop and has insisted that any charges against him should be made public. Joaquin Navarro-Valls,......

Polish Nun Faces Jail Term

A B ENEDICTINE nun in Poland could face a two-jail sentence after she drove a tractor into a car while drunk outside her convent. The 45-year-old was found to be 17 times over......