Page 8, 19th May 1989

19th May 1989
Page 8
Page 8, 19th May 1989

Myths Of The Land Of The Free And Their Poor Victims

Cinema by Clive Fisher GIVEN the belief upon which the Land of the Free is founded that all men are born equal, regardless of origin, colour or creed it is not surprising that......

Thoughts Of An Everyday Family In Sunday's Crowd

SCRIPTURE NOTEBOOK Trinity Sunday Proverbs 8,22-31, Romans 5,1-5, John 16,12-15 TRINITY Sunday. The 9.30 family mass. The gospel has just been read and the people of God sit......

Keeping It In The Family

BROADCAST NEWS Deborah Thomas IF, being more than averagely paranoid, you were to decide to keep a constant eye for people likely to kill you, where would you be best advised to......