Page 5, 1st January 1988

1st January 1988
Page 5
Page 5, 1st January 1988

Recalling The Milestones In The Life Of The Mother Of God

John Gallagher SJ reflects on today's feast of Mary WE BEGIN 1988 with a powerful feast. On January 1 we honour Mary, Mother of God. A mother of a large family told me that......

Too Many Cooks Improve The Broth

FRANK FIELD MRS Thatcher is a stickler about spending public money. Indeed, such an opening sentence would win a quick reprimand from her. There is no such thing as public......

Incarnation Imparts Power

THERE is a pain among us as Christians today that is too seldom talked about. It is the pain of losing a loved one, not through death or even through physical separation, but......