Page 10, 1st January 1993

1st January 1993
Page 10
Page 10, 1st January 1993

Differences Treated With Respect

Charterhouse Chronicle by Peter Hebblethwaite M ONSIEUR Bourbais — the French are economical with Christian names — is mayor of Fresnes. Neither "s" is pronounced. Fresnes, a......

Fierce Political Battle To Amend 'god's Law'

T HE Church prepares for an abortion showdown. When five communistallied Catholic parliamentarians tabled a bill to ban abortion in February 1989, they could hardly have......

Prize Crossword No 2294

Compiled by Chris Feetenby Congratulations to the winner of our fourth Advent prize crossword, who was Sr Elaine, from the Convent of St Clare, Mahnesbury, Wilts. ACROSS 1......