Page 11, 1st June 2007

1st June 2007
Page 11
Page 11, 1st June 2007

I've Had Enough Of This Silly Green Apocalypse

Robin Aitken calls for a bracing dose of Catholic optimism to combat global warming fanaticism H appy the person serenely oblivious of, or untroubled by, this global warming......

The Message Of Elgar's Last Anointing

F 4 lgar wrote only one important work for the piano, a Piano Quintet, which, apart from the Cello Concerto, was his final significant work — written in 1919 in the dust after......

What The Old Hippies Did For Us

O ld hippies have been preening themselves somewhat after a report in the Readers' Digest which claims that the revolutionary values of 1967 — with its famous "summer of love" —......