Page 3, 1st March 1974

1st March 1974
Page 3
Page 3, 1st March 1974

Hot Soup For The Iskipperers'

By MICHAEL DUGGAN, who spent a night with St. Mungo's Community Trust workers on their soup run for London's "dossers" St. Mungo's Community Trust was founded in 1969 to help......

When Pope John Was An Easy-going Sergeant

PETER NOLAN reviews 'I will be called John' by Lawrence Elliott, published by Collins at £3.50 — Sergeant Roncalli, called up when the Italian Army fought Austria in 1915,......

Girls' School Becomes By Peter Ecumenical Centre Nolan

• A beautiful Tudor manor in East Anglia is to be the site of a highly original Catholic ecumenical experiment in community to begin in September. Hengrave Hall, Suffolk, owned......