Page 2, 1st September 1967

1st September 1967
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Page 2, 1st September 1967

Vatican Iii On Way Says Cardinal Suenens

BY A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT THE Church is on its way towards a Third Vatican Council 2 "whether we wish it or not" said Cardinal Suenens of Malines at the Canadian hierarchy's......

E4m. Spent On Aid By A Special Correspondent M Ore Than

£4 million was spent by the world Council of Churches last year on relief projects in 50 countries, it was stated at a meetin g at Herakleion, Crete, of the WCC's central......

S. African Row Over Role Of Missions

BY A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT A WARNING by the South African Govern ment to religious groups working among the Bantus to keep their programmes in line with Government policies has......