Page 5, 1st September 1967

1st September 1967
Page 5
Page 5, 1st September 1967

Appalled By Sterilisation Article

M R. NORMAN ST. JOHNSTEVAS'S article on sterilisation (August 11) appals me. Is this the best our much quoted M.P. can do? He thinks it arguable that sterilisation could be......

The Dangers Of Drugs

A LL heroin addicts "started their life on milk." This statement does not justify any presumption of a link between milk consumption in childhood and heroin addiction because......

Visiting The Old As A 'penance'

y OUR reader L. Poupard (Aug. 4) asks for views on "Penances" from members of the "Legion of Mary," or S.V.P. May I, as a member of the "Legion of Mary" offer a reply. Regarding......