Page 3, 20th February 1953

20th February 1953
Page 3
Page 3, 20th February 1953

Cold Dinner Is Correct In Arctic Circles

OUR ALASKAN WINTER, by Constance and Harmon Helmericks (Museum Press, 180. A LANTERN shining through the ice-glass windows of an Eskimo's igloo sounds as unlikely as "Ye Igloo"......

Breton Pardon!

On the feast of Our Lady's mother, these people will show you how to make a holiday out of a holy day By LEWIS HASTINGS T HE origin of the Breton race ic well known. Some time......

Rome And A Villa And A Bandit

ROME AND A VILLA, by Eleanor Clark (Michael Joseph, 21s.). R OME and a Villa, as the dis2 -‘cursive title suggests, is a dis-, cursive book-not only about Rome and Hadrian's......