Page 7, 20th September 1968

20th September 1968
Page 7
Page 7, 20th September 1968

H. R. F. Keating Television

*" Mirth in the Monastery GOG like many another viewer to know how that !.servedIy most popular of levision comedians Derek immo ould work out in C role f monk, I spent a ir......

Freda Bruce Lockhart Films

BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO AGES R EVIVAL of Gone with 1 - ‘ the Wind ("A," Empire) to launch the Vivien Leigh Award for Young Film Makers is a deserved memorial tribute. The marathon......

Desmond Fennell S Dublin Diary

Ideals of Fianna Fail I N the Republic the ieferen dum campaign is in full swing. The plebiscite on Oct. 16 will not only decide whether we retain or abandon proportional......