Page 6, 20th September 1996

20th September 1996
Page 6
Page 6, 20th September 1996

The Triumph Of Good Taste

M ODERN TECIINOLOGV has made this perhaps the great age of the museum and the art gallery. The 20th century, with its love of wealth and conspicuous consumption, has witnessed a......

Can You Place Too Much Trust In God?

T HE LONGER I live the more 1 experience that God is Absolute Mystery," writes Ruth Burrows. This sense of unknowing nulled her desire to write. Until now. Living In Mystery is......

Musings Of A Revolting Subject

BRIAN BRINDLEY is dismayed by a spiteful study of the royal family T HIS DREADFUL little book, muddle-headed in its content and mean-spirited in its tone, is a disgrace to the......