Page 6, 21st July 1989

21st July 1989
Page 6
Page 6, 21st July 1989

A Papal Lead To Form An Active Lay Apostolate

This is the Laity: Simplification of Christifideles Laid. (Grail, £3.00) Fr Anthony Churchill MORE lay people were involved in the preparations for the 1987 Synod on the Laity......

The Inner World Of South •

Africa's battle for justice The World that was Ours by Hilda Bernstein (SAWriters, £14.95) Ian Linden THE conditions for genuine negotiation with the African National Congress,......

One Dominican's Encounter With Jews

PROFILE Fr Roger Clarke OP BOOKS helped direct Fr Roger Clarke OP to the polarities which have dominated his spiritual life: his discovery of the Dominican order and his......