Page 9, 22nd August 1986

22nd August 1986
Page 9
Page 9, 22nd August 1986

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Newman College, Birmingham Degree of Bachelor in Education with honours First class Deborah Suzanne Hadley, (Physical Education). Class II: Division 1 Andrew John Belson,......

It Digby Stuart College

Bachelor of Arts Science with honours First class Alison Barnett, Rebecca Driscoll, Samantha Eddis. Class II: Division 1 Wendy Aldridge, Angela Arney, Jo Barry, Caroline......

J ,ii-iar/ A , Christ's And L. Notre Dame H E 6 College

' Liverpool Bachelor of Arts (General) with Honours Class I Eileen McKirdy, Gerard Walker. Class 11, Division Maureen Bampton, Sharon Brennan, Julie Butler, Maria Carr, Jane......