Page 3, 22nd March 1974

22nd March 1974
Page 3
Page 3, 22nd March 1974

Terrifying Reality Of 'the Exorcist

The people who are trying to ban the film are not eccentrics or kill-joys but people who love and care about the welfare of others, writes PETER JENNINGS "The Exorcist" is a......

Battering Our Consciences

by MAUREEN VINCENT Violence is one of the greatest ills of modern society. You have only to open any newspaper to confirm that. 'Muggings, beating up defenceless people in order......

Stronghold Of Priestly Training In The North

by GERARD NOEL While following a circuitous and off-beat route from the Yorkshire Moors, I lost myself on the road to Ushaw. I stopped at a petrol station just outside Durham to......