Page 10, 23rd February 1990

23rd February 1990
Page 10
Page 10, 23rd February 1990

Strength To Change When Needed

Isaiah 49: 14-15 Cor 4: 1-5 Mt 6: 24-34 IT is hard not to worry. Most people are worried about something, whether it be personal matters, relationships, feeling inadequate,......

Author Tells Merton's Story

Ronald Rolheiser IN 1948 a young and very idealistic Trappist monk wrote the story of his own conversion. The story was classic: a young man, bursting with life and dreams,......

What's In A Name, What's In A Nation

WE have managed many exotic by-lines in the Catholic Herald over the years, some intentional and others less so. Leaving the glamorous names that occasionally pepper our pages......