Page 10, 23rd July 1993

23rd July 1993
Page 10
Page 10, 23rd July 1993

Ronald Rolheiser

Being the incarnation today GABRIEL MARCEL ONCE said: "To love someone is to say, 'you at least 'will never die."' That might sound like romantic wishful thinking, but, in......

A Heavy Cross Placed On The Faithful

BY GERARD NOEL EXACTLY 25 is ago this coming Sunday, Pope Paul VI put his signature to the best known Papal Encyclical of modem times, Humanae Vitae. I remember it well because......

A Dislike For Modernist Cabins And Carparks

BY ALICE THOMAS ELLIS I HAD A GOOD idea in the '60s. It occurred to me that if architects and town-planners were restrained from practising their craft and persuaded to do......