Page 7, 23rd July 1993

23rd July 1993
Page 7
Page 7, 23rd July 1993

Scripture Notebook

BY DORIS HAYES THE PARABLES OF THE Kingdom in today's Gospel reading give us two contrasting pictures. They illustrate the paradox inherent in the "already" and "not yet" of the......

Justice System Hauled Over The Coals

IN THE SAME WEEK that the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice published its report, the case of Sam Kulasingham and Prem Sivalingaham was referred by the Home Secretary to the......

Rayner Torkington Takes Steps To Develop His Fragile Faith

Spiritual muscles II t was the Ignatian spirituality that prevailed at the school where I was educated I wasn't particularly pious but I looked forward to the Jesuit retreats......