Page 6, 23rd June 1978

23rd June 1978
Page 6
Page 6, 23rd June 1978

People And Places

A second annual ecumenical pilgrimage in honour of St Birinus, who converted the pagans around Dorchester, will he held on July 2. The pilgrimage will start off from Churn Knob,......

Tvand Radio

SUNDAY The Right to Work (BBC] 11.15 am). The trade unions suggestions for providing more employment, job security and sharing jobs. Sunday Worship (13BCI 12.15 pm). Father Hugh......


Fr Reginald Carrington, 56, who died on June 16 at Worcester was born in South Africa in 1901. came to Osterley aa a late vocation in 1922 and Joined the Jesuit Novitiate at......