Page 10, 23rd March 1990

23rd March 1990
Page 10
Page 10, 23rd March 1990

Chance To Meet The Lynx's Eye

SOREN Kierkegaard once commented in a letter to a friend how frustrating it is trying to communicate: "What I require is a voice as piercing as a lynx's eye, as terrible as the......

Standing Back At Social Upheaval

ELECTIONS, budgets and more elections. As yet we are only three months into 1990 but am I the only one to feel I can't keep up with the pace of change? At home no sooner has the......

Darkness Even Over The Deep

1 Samuel 16: 1,6-7, 10-13 Ephesians 5: 8-14 John 9: 1-41 TODAY'S gospel gives us the second of the great narrative stories from John, the healing of the man born blind. It is......