Page 12, 23rd March 2007

23rd March 2007
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Page 12, 23rd March 2007

A Tale Of Goodies And Baddies

Amazing Grace PG CERT, 118 MINS T he Slave Trade Act received royal assent on March 25, 1807,200 years ago almost to the day. It is odd to think how recent this was the trade in......

Pushing Prospero To The Edge Of Madness

The Tempest NOVELLO THEATRE. LONDON A decade or so ago, if you wanted to see Patrick Stewart onstage in London you would have had to buy tickets to a Star Trek convention. But......

Making Billie Piper Cry

Treats GARRICK THEATRE, LONDON T reats is a so-so 30year-old play by Christopher Hamp ton, apparently chosen by three very attractive and talented young actors as a calling card......