Page 13, 23rd March 2007

23rd March 2007
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Page 13, 23rd March 2007

Another Fine Mess

Charlie Hegarty is sceptical about a book that claims that an untidy desk is a mark of genius A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder by Eric Abrahamson and David H......

Trying To Reason With The Ian Paisley Of Secularism

David Quinn is impressed by a Polite but devastating rebuttal of Richard Dawkins The Dawkins Delusion? by Alister McGrath, SPCK Publishin g £7.99 A s Michael Burlei g h reminds......

A Catholic County

Catholic Staffordshire 15001850 by Michael Greenslade, Gracewin g £14.99 F ew people think of Staffordshire as an excitin g place, and some do not think of it at all. But......