Page 3, 23rd October 1970

23rd October 1970
Page 3
Page 3, 23rd October 1970

Cardinal &twos—pilgrim Of Unity

by PETER HEBBLETHWAITE, S.J. CARDINAL SUENENS scored a modest "first" when in London last week. He became the first Cardinal to be interviewed on brash, exciting Radio London.......

The Morality Of Motoring

O NE of the most cheering prospects of recent weeks has been the publicity given to anti-car sentiments by eminently sensible and sensitive people. In October when the annual......

Irish Bishops Firm On Mixed Marriages

GABRIEL FALLON'S DUBLIN DIARY "THERE arc, 11,,wcver. religious principles at stake which neither Popes nor Bishops can change. This is why the regulations emphasise that the......