Page 14, 24th April 2009

24th April 2009
Page 14
Page 14, 24th April 2009

From Gladiator To Paunchy Journalist

12A CERT, 127 MINS W hat a heroic job Russell Crowe has done of getting fat for the political thriller State of Play. Crowe is gloriously paunchy, having gained four and a half......

A Messiah That Skips With Christian Joy

Lecons de Meares I 'm in two minds about all the music anniversaries this year: they've grown into a sort of jungle you have to cut your way through with a critical machete. But......

A Production You Will Remember All Your Life

T he horrors that soldiers suffered in the trenches in the First World War have been vividly recorded. War Horse, though, concentrates on the horrors that the horses suffered.......