Page 12, 24th December 1936

24th December 1936
Page 12
Page 12, 24th December 1936

Notes For Ransomers

The Needs in Scattered Outposts By the Rev. J. 14. FILMER. May the Holy Child bless abundantly all my readers during this Holy Season and grant much happiness to each of them.......

The Father

A Christmas Ghost Story FOR ADULTS ONLY By TOPCL1FFE. " I can never see why creepy stories should be considered suitable for Christmas," protested the doctor. " They arc not the......


PITFALLS IN ELEMENTARY SCIENCE (2) Difference Between Human And Animal Faculties By Professor P. W. L. RENOUF, B.A., Dip.Agric., F.R.S.E. In the accompanying article Professor......