Page 11, 24th January 2003

24th January 2003
Page 11
Page 11, 24th January 2003

Riches Indeed

The Christian World: A Social and Cultural History of Christianity. edited by Geoffrey Barraclone]. Thames & Hudson f19.95. T he riches of Christendom rest easily on the secular......

Brummie Gothic

Anthony Symondson SJ on a book that describes a shameful history of ecclesiastical vandalism The Pugins and the Catholic Midlands by Roderick O'Donnell. Gracewing £7.99 s ince......

An Oyster That Never Opened

Sir Alec Guinness was that strangest of beasts, an actor with an obsessive concern for privacy, says Quentin de la Bedoyere Alec Guinness: The Unknown by Garry O'Connor,......