Page 7, 24th July 1998

24th July 1998
Page 7
Page 7, 24th July 1998

Scripture Notebook

BY DAVID MARION 17th Sunday of the Year Genesis 18: 20-32; Colossians 2:12-24; Luke 11:1-13 LAST WEEK we heard the story about the promise to Abraham that his wife Sarah would......

The Last Abbot Of Glastonbury

G LASTONBURY'S monastic tradition, which stretches back to its first abbot, St Patrick, ended violently in 1539 when Abbot Richard Whiting and two of his monks were hanged on......

The Carrot And The Stick In The Gospels

INNER LIFE BY DAVID TORKINGTON W HEN I was going through a particularly pious stage at school another boy called me a hypocrite. It was like someone sticking a knife into me how......