Page 7, 24th June 1938

24th June 1938
Page 7
Page 7, 24th June 1938

Ruin And Havoc Wrought

SANCTUARY AT SHANGHAI Missionaries Deny Stories Of "Red" China The China Information Committee of Hankow has issued a paper entitled " Catholics and the War in China."......

"i Am The Butt Of Avenging Socialists

By HELEN WORRALL I AM one of those peculiar, almost mythical persons, the butt of every avenging socialist, who, because my parents prefer my company to any wage I may wish to......

"tb Severeā€ž

POPE'S CHARGE TO RELIGIOUS LEADERS Danger of Spread of Pernicious Principles " Be severe. " This is a hard saying, no doubt, but full of love, for only severity can satisfy true......