Page 10, 25th April 1986

25th April 1986
Page 10
Page 10, 25th April 1986

Where Do We Stand These Days On The Question Of

Anglican orders? Clifford Longley has written an expectedly excellent article (The Times, April 14) on the "Search for Anglican Identity" on the morrow of "Rome's belated......

Paleface He No Speak Blue Gag

THAT PALE Cockney sparrow, comedian Jim Davidson, came on Gay Byrne's RTE Late Late Show (now familiar to growing numbers of Channel Four viewers) and looked paler than ever.......

Not Quite Touch Of Verbatim The Verbals

WE ENJOYED ourselves no end at the 25th Jacobs Television and Radio Awards in Dublin, but I suspect the poor old viewers were bored to channel-hopping or tea-making ennui.......