Page 4, 25th December 1964

25th December 1964
Page 4
Page 4, 25th December 1964

The Meaning Of Christmas

THERE are two messages which are brought home to us at Christmas. One is so wellknown as to be almost trite, though its triteness should not obscure its truth. It is the angels'......

Brian Wicker Looks Back To Look Forward

A DVENT is primarily a time for looking forward; for -"" pondering the future unfolding of God's plan for man's salvation. Christmas as we usually regard it on the other hand,......

Nevett Fund Children Are All Doing Well

FR. BERNARD BASSET, S.J. writes about the youngsters of India you are educating I WAS warned when I arrived that Bombay was not typical of India. I am glad of that. It seemed a......