Page 14, 25th June 2010

25th June 2010
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Page 14, 25th June 2010

Sugar-coated Fluff With A 1970s Taste

FILM REVIEW Andrew M Brown Whatever Works 12 A CERT, 92 MINS T he theme of the new Woody Allen film is in the title: it does not matter how you find love, through chance......

Aldeburgh Falters Under Edgy Aimard

A ldeburgh is the summer festival that means the most to me. Over the years it’s given me the happiest and best of musical times; and for that reason I go to it expecting the......

From Hard-drinking Dilettante To High-voltage Fun

I n 1956 John Osborne and all the angry young men arrived at the Royal Court Theatre and suddenly French windows were out and kitchen sinks were in and Noël Coward and Terence......