Page 3, 25th March 1948

25th March 1948
Page 3
Page 3, 25th March 1948

America's Italian Saint

Westward by Command. Maire Cotter. Mercier Press, 10s, 64. Reviewed by IVOR HAEL FR. Philip Barry, 0.P., in a Foreword, says that " This biographical account . . needs no......


SPRING WORK EVEN in cold districts broad beans should be sown, and also some of the hardier round-seeded peas (Pilot, Meteor). I have found there is no difference in the......

I Books Received 1 Under The Long Title A Form

of Catholic Action (The Little Sisters of the Assumption), Whitehead, Sands, 2s. 6d., we have a conventional but pleasing account of the Abbe Pemet, and of the Sisters,...... Matters . By .1 Philomerus

" RCHNELL Schnell 1 Der Osterhase 1" (" Come "-' quickly ! The Easter Hare ! ") ... and I remember the excitement in which the whole party rushed out into the garden that Easter......

And Now, The Deluge!

ELL, it was a short-lived drought after all, and soon the floodgates of Hollywood will be opened. All sorts of important productions that have been held up will be pouring into......