Page 6, 25th November 1949

25th November 1949
Page 6
Page 6, 25th November 1949

M. Maritain On Education

Indictment Of Modern Views By the REV. C. E. O'CONNOR, S.J. A CCORDING to M. Maritain, education is faced with a choice. But this choice before education is really only part of......

Religion Alive In Russia

Through God's Underground. (Hollis & Carter, 10s. 6d.). Reviewed by GERRY SHERRY " SAVIOUR of the world, save Russia." How often in churches throughout the whole Catholic world......

Of Owls And Seagulls

AS the year chills and fades, and hunger sharpens in the creatures that are either hoarding against the cold of winter or strenuously hunting for the food that must keep heat in......