Page 8, 26th February 1993

26th February 1993
Page 8
Page 8, 26th February 1993

Orphans Of Violence In A Country Used To Crisis

W E want peace, peace!" read the banner. There were some 6.000 people marching through the city of Ayacucho last month, among them, children and women, many of them widows and......

A Vision Of Faith 'without The Pixie Dust'

For Don Cupitt Christianity is a faith we must 'reinvent', and God is an evolving 'spiritual ideal'. Shirley Lancaster went to meet him C LERGY who no longer believe in Christ's......

Listening For The Child's Cry For Help

W HAT would you do if your child told you his teacher or a family friend was sexually abusing him? It is a question every parent must dread. It is a dilemma that until recently......