Page 8, 26th January 1973

26th January 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 26th January 1973

Enigma Of A Protesting Priest, Fr. Daniel Berrigan,

America is Hard to Find by Daniel Berrigan (S.P.C.K. £2.50) IF any man within em reli gion characterises the anomie of his times, it is 1-r. Daniel Berrigan. SI He is also the......

Bias On Birth Control Is More Than 2 Ft. 6 In.

PRACTISING Catholics can only count the oddly titled It's a 2ft. 6in. Above the Ground World ("AA", Astoria and Metropole) as subversive. Based on Kevin Laffan's stage comedy,......

New Bible Is A Victory For

common sense The Revised Standard Version Common Bible (Collins £1.50) THE Revised Standard Version is much the best modern English version for serious bible study without......