Page 13, 26th May 2006

26th May 2006
Page 13
Page 13, 26th May 2006

Angel Delight

According to Robin by Julian Fane, Book Guild Ltd £16.99 T he anti-hero of this book is Robin Antrobus who has private means but suffers from chronic writer's block. He is......

Hearing The Call

Vincent Nichols is delighted by an insightful biography of his predecessor, Bishop Ullathorne William Bernard Ullathorne: A Different Kind of Monk by Judith Champ, Gracewing £15......

The Man From 'today' Cannot Resist A Final Dig

William Oddie finds that Edward Stourton's eagerly awaited biography of Pope John Paul II is shallow, partisan and full of theologically illiterate drivel John Paul II: Man of......