Page 7, 27th December 1974

27th December 1974
Page 7
Page 7, 27th December 1974

Pope Paul's Emphasis On Attitudes And Relationships

BISHOP WORLOCK of PORTSMOUTH writes an introduction to Holy Year As the masons prepare to knock through the holy doorways into the Roman basilicas, a unique observance of the......

I Am Moderate You Are Difficult He Is Extremist

By ANN DUMME'TT We all know what sort of people Moderates are. They are good. Likewise, we know about Extremists. They are bad. This division of people into two types is......

Knights Of The Holy Sepulchre

by Maureen Vincent The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in England and Wales have on his retirement this month lost their honourable secretary, Stanislaus Seuffert, QC Mr ,......