Page 5, 27th January 1967

27th January 1967
Page 5
Page 5, 27th January 1967

Irish Socialist Looks At Westminster

By GERRY FITT M.P. for W. Belfast A S an Irish Socialist I ' came to Westminster last year with certain notions about the place. They were notions necessarily coloured by past......

To Think Of O'connell Street Is To Think Of The Pillar

By John D. Sheridan 'CONNELL STREET is not just the centre of Dublin, the hub of the wheel, the vortex in which the traffic spins and boils before it fights free of centrifugal......

A Welshman Looks At The Irish

By James Thomas BEFORE leaving Wales, my only real contact with the Irish was watching the Rugby internationals at Cardiff. There the Irish matched us in singing, swearing,......