Page 7, 28th February 1969

28th February 1969
Page 7
Page 7, 28th February 1969

The Best, The Good And The Worst

by H. R. F. KEATING rriELEVISION covers a A "' multitude of virtues. Even in the field of serials adapted from the novels of the past we get all the range between The Forsyte......

'seven Brides' Still A Fine Musical

by FREDA BRUCE LOCKHART WHEN I first saw Seven WHEN for Seven Brothers ("U," Odeon, Marble Arch), I welcomed it as one of the best musicals ever made. I have continued to think......

Icelandic Summer Saga

C ELTIC hermits discovered Iceland in the ninth century, which then saw the Norsemen arrive in their galleys with sea-serpent prows. Ingolfur Amason founded Reykjavik (steamy......