Page 13, 29th June 2007

29th June 2007
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Page 13, 29th June 2007

A Teary Farewell To Macmillan's Muse

BAUM' REVIEW Dennis Chang Romeo and Juliet METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE, NEW YORK I f a survey were to be taken of all the ballerinas in the world as to which of their present......

No Stranger To Spin

ART REVIEW How We Are: Photographing Britain TATE BRITAIN, UNTIL SEPT 2 6 H ow We Are," declares Tate Britain in the title of its new exhibition of British photography. The......

The Woman With Paris In Her Voice

ALAI REVIEW Freddie Sayers La Vie en Rose CERT 12A, 140 MINS R ight from the opening scene, in which we cut from Edith Piaf singing "Mon Dieu" in New York in 1957 to a childhood......