Page 8, 29th March 1991

29th March 1991
Page 8
Page 8, 29th March 1991

Empty Tomb Changes Lives

Scripture Notebook Acts: 10:34 37-43 Colossians: 3: 1-4 John: 20: 1-9 THE discovery of the empty tomb completely transformed the lives of Jesus' disciples. The experience of the......

Brooding Celtic Melancholy Contemplative Art

DERECK Harris is a young Welsh artiscand Singular Figure may at first suggest to us the brooding melancholy said to characterise the Celt. But the effect of this solitary form......

Sheila Cassidy Concludes Her Lenten Reflection At Calvary

Brave enough to walk by Jesus GOOD FRIDAY PEOPLE THE more I think about it, the more I see the issue of the empty tomb as a red herring, a sort of chorus of sirens luring us......