Page 10, 29th November 2002

29th November 2002
Page 10
Page 10, 29th November 2002

Worse Than Hitler?

Stalin killed many more people than his Nazi counterpart, yet we find his purges less horrifying than the Holocaust. Martin Amis's book about him forces us to think again, says......

The Real Lesson Of Vichy France

The French people were not split over the pro-German rule of Marshal Petain, says Claus von Billow. Most of them were solidly behind him Verdict on Vichy by Michael Curtis,......

Advent Books

The Kingdom Come: An Advent Course for Catholics, Deborah M Jones, Kevin Mayhew £4.99. Praying in Advent by Donal Neary SJ, Columba Press £2.99 6 hristmas is for c children. Oh,......