Page 8, 29th November 2002

29th November 2002
Page 8
Page 8, 29th November 2002

A Time For Catholic Optimists To Speak And Act

Personal view Daniel Brennan C hild abuse by clergy is criminal and a grave breach of trust. Victims deserve compassion, help and, if claimed, reasonable compensation. Debate on......

How Often Do The Media Bear False Witness?

Margaret Jervis on some of those who make accusations of child abuse I t may have been coincidence that the paedophile former priest Michael Hill was convicted for a second time......

'what Did He Do, Only Fall For A Woman?'

'Eamonn Casey is in his seventies and he has done his time in the wilderness. Galway would love to have him back' Mary Kenny I spent two days in Galway last week. It is always......