Page 4, 29th October 1965

29th October 1965
Page 4
Page 4, 29th October 1965

Experiment At The Work-bench

THE decision of the Holy See to allow the French worker priest experiment to be resumed is significant not just for France but for the whole of the world. It is much more than a......

• Chaplaincies • New Bishops • Simon Community • Rhodesia

N EWS that the steadily ex panding Catholic population of Oxford UniVersity requires a much larger chaplaincy underlines how far the Church in this country has left behind the......

War: Church Is Making Mankind More Mat Lire

Schema 13—the schema on the Church in the Modern World—is now being revised for final voting by the Council. FR. GREGORY BAUM, O.S.A., a Consultor of the Commission revising it,......