Page 14, 29th October 2010

29th October 2010
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Page 14, 29th October 2010

A Chic And Quirky Irish Festival

WEXFORD, IRELAND I reland is not a happy place these days. Financially it’s in collapse. Its cultural life is virtually on hold. But some things carry on; and chief among them......

Turbulent Vision Of A Forgotten Romantic

Salvator Rosa: Bandits, Wilderness and Magic S alvator Rosa (1615-1673): a name to conjure with? Hardly; we have almost never heard of him – a figure from the past, and not in......

Tribes Of Egoists Are Deaf To Feelings Of Others

ROYAL COURT he last time London saw a play in which a deaf actor played a leading role was in Mark Medoff’s Children of a esser God with Elizabeth Quinn and that was 30 years......