Page 7, 2nd April 1965

2nd April 1965
Page 7
Page 7, 2nd April 1965

"i Have A Tendency Towards Laziness..."

JOURNAL OF A SOUL is published by Geoffrey Chapman at 42s. 1921-1924 Rome, in the Service of Propaganda Fide January 13-19, 19241 Retreat, Rome, Villa Carpegna 'TODAY, January......

The Critics

FREDA BRUCE LOCKHART ON FILMS M OST of In g mar Bergman's famous films have been tragic, sadistic, sensational, often sinister and informed by dark forces of primitive religion.......

James Graham On Tv-radio

THE BBC's lon g -awaited excursions into eschatology, breathing fire and damnation from the television pulpits, were not entrusted to their reli g ious department. The two......