Page 7, 2nd December 1960

2nd December 1960
Page 7
Page 7, 2nd December 1960

In The Ranks Of The Crackpots You'll Find Me

By Fr. Donald Proudman, O.P. I T'S a dangerous business at Speakers' Corner. Here in Hyde Park, London is one of the few places where one may indulge in that delightfully......

For These There Was No Room In Their Own Country

By Fr. JAMES WALSH, S.J. Vice Postulator "And straight I called unto ntind that it was Christmas day. — Blessed Robert Southwell ("The Burning Babe"). O N May 4th of this year......

Christmas And Forty Martyrs

uses the line conceits of a Protestant gentleman and soldier-,poet like Sir Philip Sidney. But he speaks of the love of God Who so loved us that He 'became a child for us. And......