Page 3, 2nd July 1971

2nd July 1971
Page 3
Page 3, 2nd July 1971

Architect Accepts Dare And Achieves His Aim

II' has been written of Italy's internationally honoured architect Pier Nervi that "he designs new structures with his heart." He has certainly put his heart into the great new......

Immigration Bill: Great Opportunity Lost

011 Thursday of last week the Liberal Party divided the House of Lords on the second reading of the Immigration Bill and 40 peers, among whom were the Archbishop of Canterbury.......

Changing Face Of Snobbery By Martine Legge

L OOKING at the fears, greed and lusts of life today, the ruthless fight for status. prestige and qv tokens of success, it is impdssible to say with one's hand on one's heart......