Page 9, 30th April 1999

30th April 1999
Page 9
Page 9, 30th April 1999

In Praise Of Polyhymnia

Good poems often make bad hymns (and vice versa), argues Brian Brindley rif HE EDITORS OF THE Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, in preparing their third edition of 1979, decided......

Rome For The Right-on

Andre Gushurst-Moore on an infallibly PC guide to the papacy Rome Has Spoken: A Guide to Forgotten Papal Statements and how They Changed Through the Centuries, edited by Maureen......

Song Of The Earth

Deborah Jones on the world beyond the walls Earth Spirituality: Jesus at the Centre, by Edward P Echlin. Arthur James £5.99 4 E ARTHY' IS THE last word you would use for a......