Page 5, 30th June 1995

30th June 1995
Page 5
Page 5, 30th June 1995

Are They Still The Party Of Christian Values?

As the Tory leadership battle enters its first round, Rev Stephen Trott asks how Christian the Conservative Party is today? THE FORTHCOMING LEADERSHIP election in the......

Dr Habgood's Reconciling Spirit

He may have trod a delicate path over embryo research, but Catholics should have no reservations about Archbishop John Habgood becoming a Life Peer. Brian Brindley explains why......

Cults, New Age And Nazism: 3leepwalkers In A Weird World

.ast week, a plane was hijacked by the Japanese cult, Aum. Alex Haydon sees iarallels between latter-day cults, New Age philosophy and Hitler's Nazism. I N THE AFTERMATH of the......